Anne Knowler

The Compassionate Trainer™

Exercise is for inspiration toward
improved health.

The purpose is to help us move
and feel better.  It should always be done with zero shame, humiliation, pain nor injury.

Better health is available
to anyone willing to start

Inspiring adults to

Here’s a key fact.
The right amount of regular physical activity is available for everyone!


Let’s get YOU started

My client’s have had great results!!

Inactivity kills more people every year than obesity.  I’ve been fortunate to work for the past sixteen years as a full-time certified personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor in San Diego. My private clients have gained lean muscle mass, lost hundreds of pounds of fat, lowered their blood pressure and cholesterol, and amazed their doctors with improved health and peace of mind.

Exercise Anywhere

All Levels

Age 40 and up

Men and Women